Monday, August 12, 2013

Contentment in Jesus

I know I haven't written in months..I have been so busy with being a mom and house wife but had to write down what God has been daily teaching me. I am still on the journey and have a long way to go but slowly learning and hopefully applying all these truths to my life! Read below....

Love the moments when the Lord speaks to me and teaches me something in the midst of frustration, anger, etc.. The Lord reminded me that I am no different then my children.. that we can all look to other things to make us happy, content, have joy.. tonight in the midst of my tears I realized that I was looking for my kids to make me content in the way they responded to me. I got: "mom, do we always have to eat salad!" "Mom, I don't like you.." (after disciplining my one child) I was so upset and in tears because they "did not respect me." Then I realized that I got annoyed tonight at them when they were grumbling against their siblings, or got grumpy because they didn't like a certain meal, etc.... my kids and I are on the same path.. we all try to find contentment in other things or people and realized that its only in Christ are we truly fulfilled. Thank you Jesus for teaching me this AGAIN! On the plus side I got to share what God has and is teaching me, to my children <3

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