Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Taste of Heaven

Just 2 days ago, the kids and I came back home from visiting my parents down in Florida. Since 2008 I've been going to visit them every year and have formed some really great friendships with many people from their church. This year I got to visit Lifebridge again and be part of their community group. One evening, as I was listening to people in the group laugh, cry, talk, confess, pray, etc.. it made me wish to be part of that community. My heart ached to be part of such a close-knit group of people who just loved Jesus and who's lives were centered around the Gospel. I could see it in the way they came together, willing to put aside their busy schedules, to serve Jesus. I saw the excitement in their faces when they talked about sharing the Gospel with people! No they weren't sinless or perfect, each had their own idols that they struggled with, and they even had 'heated' discussions! But they were transparent with one another. There was accountability, being challenged in the faith, fellowship, friendship, a definite sense of family and it made me wish I could be there all the time. I know there is no perfect church here on earth but this fellowship was a definite taste of what I sense heaven to be like when all brothers and sisters in the Lord come together to worship our King. One day, I pray, Lord willing, I can be part of a "family" like this one...

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  1. LOVED having you here, and further I would like very much having you always here :) but the LORD has His plans ...and he has "determined the times....and the exact place where (you) should live." (Acts 17:26) I love you <3